Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible payment methods?

  1. Most payments to us are usually done by a Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal or Western Union.
  2. For container orders we accept a 50% deposit up front and the remaining 50% balance is due when the order is ready to be shipped.
  3. For small orders we require 100% full payment up front.

Is the price net / inclusive of everything?

  1. Our prices for a full 20' container load are freight on board(fob).
  2. For less than a container load(lcl) the prices are exclusive of packing and fob charges. All the prices are not including the ocean freight shipping.

What is the shipment procedure?

  1. We use a cargo agent who handles all of our shipping requirements. For most container order the time to manufacture it is from 30 - 60 days. When the goods are ready to be shipped the cargo agent does all the local handling for delivering the container to the port and making all the export documents. Please email us at for more information.