Liana Jungle Vines

Decorative Liana jungle vines for wholesale by the container load. These tropical wood vines are generally used for interior design wall decorations. The Lianas are full cleaned and dried before they are shipped. A 20' container can 1,500 pieces. The minimum order is 1,000 pieces. The Liana vine long sticks length is 210cm. The time needed to complete an order is 60 days. The shipping time by sea is about 30 days.

Liana Vine

Liana Vines

Liana Vines are getting very popular now. They are being used for various luxury interior design projects around the world. E-mail: for more info

We have the following Jungle Vines:

  1. Coconut Leaves
  2. Twinned Wood Vine
  3. Spiral Vine
  4. Coffee Wood Tops
  5. Skeleton Wood
  6. Lychee Root
  7. Curved Lumped Vine
  8. Snake Wood Sticks
  9. Liana Vine
  10. Frankenstein Vine