Natural Lava Stone Deck Tiles

Natural Lava Stone Deck Tiles

Very rarely does a volcanic lava flow reach the sea. When it does it makes for a spectacular sight of the contrasting blue ocean color and the black lava. This beautiful scene can be recreated at home with our natural lava stone swimming pool decking tiles. The minimum order for the fob wholesale price is 1 x 20' container(400 square meters). The tiles size range from 10x10cm up to 50x50cm. We make both square and rectangle shapes. Also honed and brushed finishes. Please email us at

Black Lava Stone

Black Lava Rock

Black Lava stone has many uses, from jewelry purpose up to interior and exterior landscape design. E-mail for more info

We have the following Lava Rock:

  1. Black Lava stone
  2. Black Lava stone w/holes
  3. Grey Lava stone
  4. Red Lava stone
  5. Yellow Lava stone