Amber Rough For Sale

Natural Amber stone rough for sale from Borneo, Indonesia. Please email us at for wholesale prices.

Borneo Amber

Borneo Amber Rough

A new find of Amber from the island of Borneo has been discovered by IndoGemstone, Mine Direct from Indonesia. Millions of years ago , ancient tropical hardwoods dripped sticky masses of resin from their wounds.

These globs of resin fossilized to form what we call today Amber. Amber is classified as a gemstone. This Amber dates back to the Tertiary period.

The Borneo Amber is found in a coal seam. This deposit was found in the deepest interior location on this tropical isle. The mine site is well guarded by the local indigenous Dayak tribe. This tribe still practices headhunting to this day.

Our natural Borneo Amber occurs in a myrid of different colours. As well as the usual yellow-orange-brown colour know as "Amber", this Amber can also range in colour from a whitish colour through a pale lemon yellow, to brown and almost black. Sometimes it even has a red colour know to the trade as "Cherry Amber".

Borneo Amber

Amber is a fossil tree resin. Our Borneo Amber is found in the central mountain region of Kalimantan island. It's colour can be red, black, brown, yellow. The sizes range from chips to pieces as large a 35cm long. Above are color samples of borneo amber chips.

Borneo Amber

These are a photo of BIG Borneo Amber pieces. Please contact us for available stock and wholesale prices.