Manufacturer of the most unusual and unique home furniture decor products in the world! We are working with custom home builders, special interior designers and some of the best home decor companies to create beautiful handcrafted house decoration accessories and furnishings that are made from natural stone and solid hardwood.

When it comes to interior design, it's essential to have the right furnishings for the space. With the correct design elements those home interiors will have a warm comfortable feeling. Infused with a sleek finesse and refinement that are utterly unique and inimitable, the IndoGemstone Petrified Wood collection reinforces the feeling of timeless beauty. It's the most spectacular ancient treasure of nature - wood turned into stone. The highlight of our products is the Petrified Wood handcrafted into end table, side tables, stools, dining table and home accessories. The Petrified Wood pieces were once giant trees felled by volcanic eruptions from another era. These trees remained a hidden mystery as they morphed into stone starting with a process called permineralization. These fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation, uncovered millions of years after their uninterrupted sleep were then gently turned into a polished art craft, thus awakening the pieces of nature which used to be buried in deep slumber.

Also from our exotic wood collection are natural edge dining room tables. These beautiful hardwood slab tops are custom made in sizes from two meter long up to four meters long. Live edge boards, cabinet lumber, natural edge wooden coffee table, slab furniture, hardwood timber slab, solid wood counter tops and lumber slabs that are all made from renewable plantation woods.

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