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IndoGemstone Petrified Wood


  Indonesian Petrified Wood was formed over 25 million years ago when a tropical rain forest in Indonesia was covered in a thick volcanic ash thus burying the trees. Over time the wood fossilized and turned into fossil stone. Petrified Wood is classified as a semi-precious gemstone. Do to its intrinsic beauty it is highly sought after by the world's best interior designers.
 We are the manufacturer of the most unique and unusual Petrified Wood furniture that is for sale online. Each of our products have been manufactured to showcase its natural attributes and characteristics found within the fossilized wood. The hidden beauty that is inside each piece of the natural wood fossils raw material is what inspires the conception of our beautiful modern and contemporary furnishings and decor designs. We are working with the Best Home Decor Companies, Special Interior Designers, Custom Home Builders and the Top Architecture Firms to create some of the most beautiful home furniture decoration products in the world! Global shipping services.


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